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Some fantastic news.....

We thought that all those people who volunteered into helping the community with the free meal project deserved some recognition.

The project was entered into the County Durham Environment Awards 2020, and it was up for the award for community partnership.

I am happy to announce that all three nominees in that category including the free meals project were announced as worthy winners, and were given a highly commended award.

On behalf of Sacriston Parish Council, we would like to say thanks to The Fulforth Centre, Bespoke and every single person who volunteered or provided donations to help with this project as alone this would not have been possible.

Sacriston has the most amazing community spirit and in times of need people really come together to help each other.

If you would like to watch the award ceremony i have included the link :- (the award which we entered in is 11.16 secs into the video for anyone just wanting to watch that).

Thanks once again!

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